Andrew Marwick
Andrew Marwick Managing Director Contact Me
Steve Gales
Steve Gales Sales Director Contact Me
Martin Bailey
Martin Bailey Business Development Director Contact Me
Giuseppe Ficarra
Giuseppe Ficarra Sales Director South Europe Contact Me
Andy Stone
Andy Stone Account Director Contact Me
Lance Wayman
Lance Wayman Sales Director North America Contact Me
Darryl Postelnick
Darryl Postelnick Sales Director North America Contact Me
James Harvey
James Harvey Sales Manager Contact Me
Matthew Wallis
Matthew Wallis Sales Director Northern Europe Contact Me
Calum Chisholm
Calum Chisholm Sales Director Asia Contact Me
Anthony Everest
Anthony Everest Major Account Manager Contact Me

Project Management

Samantha Cutts
Samantha Cutts Head of Project Management
Patricia Bryne
Patricia Bryne Project Manager
Julia Karlsson
Julia Karlsson Project Manager
Monica Celi
Monica Celi Project Manager
Rob Williamson
Rob Williamson Project Manager
Hayley Harper
Hayley Harper Project Manager
Silvia Piol
Silvia Piol Project Analyst


Ray Symons
Ray Symons Finance Director
Laura Crane
Laura Crane Finance Controller
Adrienn Horvath
Adrienn Horvath Accounts Assistant
Ritika Jain
Ritika Jain Accounts Assistant
Tanya Reardon
Tanya Reardon Accounts Assistant

Customer Services

Chris Yardy
Chris Yardy Head of Customer Services
Sarah Patterson
Sarah Patterson Customer Service Team Manager
Vicky Ríos Moreno
Vicky Ríos Moreno Customer Service Team Manager
John Kikuchi
John Kikuchi Deputy Team Manager
Sean Clubbs
Sean Clubbs Complaints and Resolutions Supervisor
Simon Kikuchi
Simon Kikuchi Senior Customer Support Agent
Antonella Gionfriddo
Antonella Gionfriddo Senior Customer Support Agent
Carla Pereira
Carla Pereira Senior Customer Support Agent
Daniel Clubbs
Daniel Clubbs Senior Customer Support Agent
Joe Walpert
Joe Walpert Senior Customer Support Agent


Darren Harris
Darren Harris Head of Digital & Design
Andy Tait
Andy Tait Head of Development
Adam Nicholson
Adam Nicholson Head of Technology
Paul Billington
Paul Billington Web Developer
Kerri Mark Sharp
Kerri Mark Sharp Web Developer
Nathan King
Nathan King Web Developer
Jamie Burnip
Jamie Burnip Web Developer
Joe Sweeny
Joe Sweeny Web Developer
John Moir
John Moir Senior Designer


Katherine Caswell
Katherine Caswell Legal Counsel

Office Management

Ruth Martin
Ruth Martin HR Office Manager