Instant-win promotions and scratchcard promotions are an inspired way to squeeze exponentially greater impact out of a sales promotion, effectively offering a quantity – and quality – of rewards that would otherwise be unachievable within a given budget. And it’s all done by the magic of simple maths!

How it works

By way of illustration, imagine that you’re running a simple prize draw promotion with sufficient prize budget to offer one winner one family holiday. By creatively incorporating one of the many instant-win mechanics offered by Opia, you can introduce an element of chance into the whole equation. In turn, we can then calculate the realistic odds of multiple winners ever claiming a prize and cover this risk on a fixed fee basis.

The Benefit

The effect of that re-calculation is that, for no extra budget, you’re suddenly able to ‘afford’ to offer ten or twenty holiday prizes… maybe even more. Now enhanced with the promise of a ‘twenty to be won!’ message, your promotional headline story is orders of magnitude more powerful, with potential customers perceiving their own odds of winning dropping from one-in-several-million to something far more realistic.

Managing the Risk

Best of all, the fixed fee cover arranged for you by Opia means that your promotional budget is absolutely capped, no matter how many customers go on to actually win a prize, to give you a fully risk-free sales promotion.

The Extra Power of Scratchcard Promotions

Although they are fundamentally just another form of instant-win, using scratchcards as a sales promotion has evolved into one of the most compelling promotional mechanics we know of. Why? Because the Great British public love them! Thanks to nearly two decades of National Lottery fever, customers are not only familiar with the concept of scratchcards but, because they are so used to paying for them over the counter, they also associate them with a perceived value.

However, there are other key elements that serve to further increase the appeal of scratchcard promotions, particularly with the application of a little creative innovation.

For instance, whereas a simple instant-win mechanic offers a one-off, binary, ‘win-or-lose’ experience, a scratchcard accessed with a unique code can drive ‘purchase qualified’ customers to an online promotional hub to enjoy repeated bites of the cherry every time they purchase. And by guaranteeing every scratch card is a potential winner with secondary wins of free product or MONP coupons, a scratchcard can become the prize that just keeps on giving, representing a highly cost-effective means of generating customer loyalty.

Managing Every Element

Opia manages the instant-win promotion or scratchcard promotion from end-to-end, creating a bespoke claims-handling function and looking after the potentially complex business of prize redemptions, from juggling the logistics of booking family holidays to dealing with the administration of money-off-next-purchase prizes with participating retailers.

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