Traditional ‘trade in promotion’ deals are deservedly popular, but they have limited ability to actively drive sales of new devices. Most of them are initiated by refurbishers wanting to buy old devices and really give no benefit to the manufacturer. So Opia introduces a new way to combine ‘trading in’ with ‘trading up’ as a promotional lever.


By offering what is effectively a ‘cash-back with conditions’ featuring a time-limited trade in valuation on customer’s old equipment, you can create a compelling ‘buy now!’ message. If we offer the customer the real value for their trade in, they won’t be interested. They’d probably get more on eBay. What Opia offers is the real value plus a subtle cash incentive… but only when they buy a replacement from you, thus incentivising the customer to purchase.

The Benefit

By lowering the perceived price of the product, we make the purchase more attractive for the customer and help close the sale.

  • Increase sell out volume
  • Increase average unit prices
  • Activate sales, not just redemptions
  • Make your customers very happy as their perception is that they have 'got a better deal' AND released value from old unwanted equipment into the bargain!


As with any promotional technique, the number of claims redeemed against Trade In & Trade Up can vary greatly depending on the attractiveness of the offer, and the communication media employed. By using Opia Fixed Fee, you pay a small sum for every qualifying product sold during the promotional time period, in return for which we manage every single claim and pay for all redemptions over the forecast redemption level, to give you a fully risk-free sales promotion.

Managing every element

Opia manages the promotion from end-to-end, creating a bespoke website, customised to your brand, handling all claims, emailing pre-paid shipping labels and working with the appropriate product recycler in your region to ensure your promotion operates in accordance with local guidelines.

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