Sales Promotions


Perfect for periods of economic recession, coupons are still hugely popular.

How Coupon Promotions work

Regardless of the value of discount versus original price, coupons are highly successful. With Opia, you can harness the power of coupon promotions for a fraction of the cost associated with historical levels of discounting. We offer a range of coupons services, including producing barcodes, handling redemptions and getting coupons into the hands of the right customers. These promotions are excellent at stimulating trial, recruiting new users, recapturing lapsed users, increasing the weight of purchase and driving customers into stores.

Managing the risk

There's always a risk of mal-redemption with coupons, but you’re in safe hands with Opia. As acknowledged risk cover experts, we offer rigorous prevention and monitoring strategies, specific to you. We’re also an active participant in a paid agreement with many major retailers to combat online trading and fraudulent redemption.

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